Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Winter Seasonal Results

ORCA's 2013 Winter Seasonal Tournament was held on February 2.  A total of 34 players competed in two sections.  Players attended from as far away as Madison, Sun Prairie and Sheboygan, in addition to the contingent from the Milwaukee and Mequon area.

Here are the results:

Open Section
1st  Chris McKinney (4-0)
2nd (tie) Jeff Pokorski (3-1)
2nd (tie) R. Wade Brooks (3-1) 
2nd (tie) Varun Shah (3-1)
2nd (tie) Patrick McElwee (3-1)
U1700 Rodney Lynk (2-2)

Reserve Section (U1500)
1st  Tom Hudson (3.5-0.5)
2nd (tie) Tony Sproehlich (3-1)
2nd (tie) Nate Smith (3-1) 
2nd (tie) Kevin Etta (3-1)
2nd (tie) Daniel Greenheck (3-1)
U1200 Divya Pandy (2-2)

First and second in each section received cash prizes. U1700 and U1200 were each awarded a book prize.  Special thanks to the two players who donated their winnings back to ORCA.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who attended.  Complete Crosstable 

Here are some photos from the day's activities:

Stephan Desmoulin and Jon McKinney prove the old adage "All Rook endings are drawn".

Robert Murphy and Patrick McElwee fall deep into an endgame despite
the warning sign painted on the wall, "Enter at Own Risk".

Round 1 action in the Reserve Section.

A view of the Reserve Section and part of the Open Section (Round 2).
Steve Etzel (l) unleashes his own version of the "Tal Stare" versus Al Buschmann (r) in Round 3.
The original "Tal Stare" courtesy of former World Champion Mikhail Tal.