Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stephan Desmoulin Wins President's Day G/10 Blitz Tournament

Congratulations to Stephan Desmoulin who won the Java Dock President's Day Blitz tournament held on February 24, 2014 (there was a one-week postponement due to weather).  Stephan was the "Commander in Chief", posting a perfect 5-0 score in the Open section over a strong field of seasoned players.   Jason Flanders finished second with 4-1.

Congratulations also go out to Tom Hudson, Hersh Singh and Alex Jentsch who tied for first in the Reserve Section, each with a 4-1 score.   After posting these results, Hersh is the new leader in our 2014 Grand Prix.

Participants traveled from as far north as Sheboygan and as far south as Franklin, Wisconsin to play in this fun event!  A total of 17 players participated.   Time control was G/10, d/5.  Entry was free and the event was not USCF rated.

Complete results are posted here. Tom Hudson adroitly handled TD duties once again.

Round 1 action.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dmitry Myaskovsky Wins ORCA's 2014 Winter Seasonal Tournament

After a one-year break from tournament chess, Dmitry Myaskovsky returns to win ORCA's 2014 edition of its Winter Seasonal Tournament with a perfect 4-0 score.  Myaskovsky defeated Paul Bevans in the final round to seal the victory.  Bevans earned the right to face Myaskovsky with an upset victory over perrenial favorite Chris McKinney in the third round in a tense rook and pawn ending where McKinney overstepped the time limit.

 A total of 15 players participated in the Open section and 17 players participated in the Reserve section.

Open Section Final Standings:
1st - Dmitry Myaskovsky (4-0)
2nd (tie) - Chris McKinney, Adam Dreuth, R. Wade Brooks, Paul Bevans (3-1)

Reserve Section Final Standings:1st - Ruilin Yan (3.5-0.5)
2nd (tie) - Tony Sproehlich, Alexander Hogg, Aditya Gobal (3-1)

The complete crosstable can be found here.

Tom Hudson was Chief TD and he was assisted by Steve Etzel.

Open Section winner Dmitry Myaskovsky (left)

Open Section Second Place - Dreuth, McKinney, Brooks, Bevans (l to r)

Reserve Section winner - Ruilin Yan

Reserve Second Place - Hogg, Sproehlich (l to r)

Reserve Section action

Round 3 - Reserve Board 1 in foreground

Open Round 3

Tournament Directors - Tom Hudson (l) and Steve Etzel (r)